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The Bank Board Academy for Non-Executive Directors

Gentili Associati,

è con immenso piacere che vi segnaliamo “The Bank Board Academy for Non-Executive Directors”, un’iniziativa promossa da Florence School of Banking and Finance, che mira a creare una comunità di amministratori non esecutivi (NED) e a consentire loro di acquisire ulteriori conoscenze e abilità pratiche, per affinare i propri compiti e responsabilità, e sviluppare un pensiero critico per sfidare meglio la gestione della banca.

L’iniziativa, ideata e segnalateci dalla socia Prof.ssa Elena Carletti, è fondata su due pilastri:

-una serie di seminari online: è previsto un seminario online al mese

-un programma di formazione (a pagamento): esso fornirà una preziosa esperienza di apprendimento, condivisione e networking grazie a un’eccezionale facoltà internazionale di regolatori, supervisori e accademici insieme a professionisti bancari e finanziari.

Per il 2021 sono previsti due eventi formativi che saranno in lingua inglese:

-Una formazione online, Better Check and Control of Risks (4 giugno – 2 luglio 2021), che si concentrerà sugli aspetti pratici rilevanti per la supervisione del Consiglio, tra cui:

pianificazione del recupero e accordi di acquisizione
rischi informatici, rischi antiriciclaggio, rischi climatici
rischi finanziari e non finanziari nel Risk Appetite Framework

-Un corso di formazione fisico, Better Quality and Better Governance (1 – 3 October 2021) che si focalizzerà sulle tendenze e le sfide della governance aziendale per le banche, e includerà sessioni su:

Requisiti di idoneità e correttezza: nuova guida dal SSM
Sfide poste dalla pandemia per l’attività bancaria e la redditività
Sostenibilità nella finanza: sfide e opportunità

Ulteriori informazioni sul programma di formazione e sulle opzioni di registrazione sono incluse qui.

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It Includes

  • EP: Final text on Corporate Accountability and Corporate Due Diligence 
  • EP: Calls to Council to unblock the Women on Boards Directive
  • EFRAG: EU non-financial reporting standards
  • EY Long-Term Value and Corporate Governance Survey 
  • Governance Dialogue: Do we need to redefine Directors Duties ? (with Michel de Fabiani)
  • France: Entreprises à mission Observatory
  • Germany: A draft supply chain law
  • Norway: Wealth fund is asking for more women on boards Series of webinars on the EU Taxonomy
  • Bridging expectations: what non-financial information for SMEs?
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It Includes:

  • EC: Summary Report of the Consultation on the Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy
  • EC: Study on equity funding in the EU 
  • EC: Consultation on environmental crime 
  • ESMA: Calls for legislative action on ESG ratings
  • EP: Measures to protect investors and cut red tape for firms
  • Discussion with Colin Mayer: The future of stakeholderism post covid
  • Report: Corporate Governance for sustainability 
  • The launch of the International Federation of Family Offices
  • Black Rock: Climate change as a front and center strategic matter
  • Sweden: Report on Corporate Governance and Short-termism
  • Event: The governance of technology
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It includes:

  • EC: Evaluation of the audit framework
  • EC: McGuinness’ opening remarks at the ECON Committee structured dialogue 
  • EC: Request to ESAs for technical advice on digital finance
  • Report: Fraud: recommendations to strenghten the financial reporting ecosystem (Accountancy Europe)
  • Summary report: ecoDa-Mazars’s Joint Event “Sustainable Corporate Governance for long-term business success”
  • Article: US Corporate Boards suffer from inadequate expertise in financially material ESG matters 
  • Podcast: How boards should prepare for the rising cybersecurity threat (McKinsey & Company)
  • UK: Directors face new liability demands under major audit reform 
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It includes:

  1. Council: The Portuguese Presidency (Cicero/AMO Analysis
  2. ECB: asked banks to refrain from or limit dividends until September 2021
  3. EC: New EU Cybersecurity Strategy and new rules
  4. EC: Interim study on the integration of ESG factors into the EU banking prudential framework
  5. EBA: Consultation Paper on Draft Guidelines on sound remuneration policies
  6. IFRS Foundation’s consultation on sustainability reporting
  7. INSEAD: Boards and sustainability: From Aspirations to Action
  8. UK: FCA introduces rule to enhance climate-related disclosures
  9. Report: Pay ratios and the FTSE 350: an analysis of the first disclosures
  10. EFRAG series of events on the preparatory work on EU non-financial reporting standards


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1. Ethics & Boards joins ecoDa as a Data Partner

ecoDa is delighted to announce a partnership with the data provider, Ethics & Boards. This new collaboration comes at a time when structured data at European level is a must-have when providing information to the European Institutions regarding their policies and supporting their upcoming initiatives.

As stated by Jan Wesseldijk, ecoDa’s Chair, “our partnership with Ethics & Boards will allow us to correlate the trends that we observe with concrete figures”, while Floriane de Saint Pierre, Founder and President of Ethics & Boards welcomes “this new collcaboration with ecoDa, a key player in Corporate Governance at European level and we are looking forward to the upcoming dialogue”.

See the full press release HERE

2. ecoDa – Mazars Event on “Sustainable Corporate Governance for Long Term Business Success”

ecoDa and Mazars are delighted to invite you to join a live virtual event on sustainability and corporate governance in Europe, scheduled on the 19th of January, from 4.00 to 6.00 pm CET.

This event will bring together board members, investors and regulators from across Europe to discuss the role we all have to play in fostering an ecosystem that promotes long-term sustainable success for the benefit of all stakeholders in a business and society at large.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The key challenges for corporate governance systems across Europe, including climate change, the impact of technology, effects of Covid-19, tensions in free trade, and diversity.
  • The possible changes to the regulatory system in the 2020s.
  • How boards can get the right board in place to achieve their full potential. How different boards will look by 2030, in terms of diversity, roles represented, international membership, etc.

The changes expected in investors’ focus over the next decade, and how this will impact their approach to governance.

To register HERE

3. ecoDa’s Webinar on “ESG: From Awareness to Strategic Moves”

ecoDa is organizing a webinar on “ESG: From Awareness to Strategic Moves” on the 10th of February, from 9.30 to 12.45 CET.
The purpose of this webinar is to bring together standard-setters and company directors together to discuss examples of good practices.

The discussion will be structured around two panels. The first one will focus on ESG performance and the consequent changes happening at board level, while the second will be an inspirational discussion for board members to walk to talk. The event will include speakers from DG FISMA, EFRAG, B-Corp Lab, S&P Global Ratings as well as board members from across Europe.

To register HERE

4. 4th Edition of ecoDa’s Corporate Governance Dialogue

Earlier this year, the 4th edition of the Corporate Governance Dialogue was organized by ecoDa. This year’s theme was on less hierarchical organizations and flat management, two trends that have been accelerated by the Covid crisis.
The Dialogue, based on two case studies from Mercuri Urval and Decathlon, engaged different experts who concluded that the slow but steady replacement of traditional top-down hierarchies with more decentralized structures impacts not only the way companies are operating but also corporate governance as a whole.

A recording of the discussion as well as a summary report are available.

5. Season’s Greetings from ecoDa

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It Includes:

  1. EP: Businesses’ interests must align with society’s interests, MEPs
  2. EP: MEP’s blueprint for SMEs in post-COVID recovery
  3. ESMA: Response to the IFRS Foundation’s consultation on sustainability reporting
  4. EC: Commissioned Study on EU equity markets
  5. The EC’s consultation on Sustainable CG: Comments from the European Company Law Experts Group
  6. Due diligence: NGOs initiative pleading for a European legislation
  7. Study: The 2020 Virtual Shareholder Meetings in the EU
  8. The Council for Inclusive Capitalism launches a partnership with the Vatican
  9. Report: Making the most of Europe’s climate leadership
  10. Briefing: Why Covid did not change firms (Korn Ferry)
  11. Report: A reexamination is needed of how traditional audit procedures approach the risk of fraud (EY)
  12. ecoDa’s News
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It includes:

  1. EP: Welcomed the OECD for a presentation on Sustainable Corporate Governance and Corporate Due Diligence
  2. EU: Amendments to rules to make capital markets work for Europe’s recovery
  3. ESMA: Underlined paradoxes of sustainability reporting
  4. US: ISS and Glass Lexis Release Updated Proxy Voting Guidelines
  5. ICGN: Review its Global Governance Principles
  6. ECGI Past Webinar on “Stakeholder Capitalism: The Case For and Against”
  7. Working Paper: The European Commission’s Sustainable Corporate Governance Report: A Critique (ECGI)
  8. . There is no need for EU Regulation on Corporate Governance, said SMEunited
  9. ecoDa’s News
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It includes:

  1. EC: Consultation on the Impact Assessment on the Enrivonmental Crime Directive
  2. Council: Approved conclusions regarding human rights and decent work in global supply chains 
  3. EC: 2021 Work Programme
  4. Council: recommendations regarding the EC’s new action plan on the Capital Markets Union
  5. EP:Wirecard Case Scrutinised
  6. UK: New Research supports introduction of standards for Audit Committees, FRC says
  7. UK: to review dual-class shares as part of consultation on listings
  8. Switzerland: the referendum failed to hold corporations liable for violations abroad
  9. Working Paper: The Future of the Corporations and the Economics (ECGI)
  10. Reflection Paper by CSR Europe: For a Coherent and Integrated EU Approach to Due Diligence 
  11. ecoDa’s News
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It includes:

  • EC: Consultation on criteria defining environmentally sustainable activities
  • EC: FISMA commissioned a study on the Audit Directive and Regulation
  • EP: EU consumers will soon be able to defend their rights collectively
  • Implications of the Wirecard case
  • UK: Covid-19 strenghtens the need for audit improvement, FRC urges
  • UK: Reporting on the new Corporate Governance Code is a mixed picture 
  • Switzerland: Upcoming Referendum on corporate sustainability
  • Germany: ‘historic’ mandatory boardroom quota for women
  • France: Danone: Purpose driven companies cannot let aside shareholders’ interests
  • France: A new initiative to promote gender diveristy in boardrooms 
  • The IIRS and the SASB merge into the Value Reporting Foundation  
  • ecoDa’s News


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It includes:

  1. EP: Update on the Sustainable Corporate Governance and on the Liability of companies for environmental damage files
  2. EFRAG: Preparatory work for the elaboration of possible EU non-financial reporting standards
  3. EFRAG: Changes to governance and financing
  4. Essay: Sustainable Corporate Governance: The Role of the Law (ECGI)
  5. Report: For a European Law of Compliance (Le Club des Juristes)
  6. Report: Third TCFD Status Report shows progress
  7. ECMI: Europe’s Capital Markets puzzle
  8. Event: Policy Workshop on Sustainability Reporting – IFRS Consultation (ECGI and IEF) (Registration HERE)
  9. Event: 2020 European Risk Management Awards Week (FERMA) (Registration HERE)
  10. Summary Report: Corporate Governance for sustainable and competitive European companies (ecoDa, BusinessEurope and EuropeanIssuers)
  11. ecoDa’s News
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It includes

  1.  ECGI : Webinars on Directors’ Duties and Sustainable Corporate Governance
  2. Capital Market Union is progressing too slowly 
  3. EP: Green Deal 
  4. EC: New Consumer Agenda
  5. ESMA: Corporate Governance: Back on the agenda 
  6. Report: New data show insufficient progress in companies’ climate and environmental disclosures (Alliance for Corporate Transparency)
  7. News: Refinitiv acquires The Red Flag Group, significantly expanding its suite of due diligence offerings
  8. Event:  The European Business and Nature Summit
  9. Event Recording: ICGN Global Virtual Summit 2020
  10. ecoDa’s News


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It includes

1. ESMA: Identified deficiencies in German supervision of Wirecard’s financial reporting

2. ESMA: Consultation to specify obligations on environmentally sustainable activities

3. EBA: Discussion on ESG risks management and supervision

4. Council of the EU: Collective Redress for consumers

5. GNDI: Actual concerns of national institutes of directors worldwide

6. Paper: Shareholder Value(s): Index Fund ESG Activism and the New Millennial Corporate Governancen (ECGI)

7. Article: Covid-19 is rewriting the rules of Corporate Governance (Harvard Business Review)

8.  Workshop: on Directors’ Duties and Sustainable Corporate Governance (ECGI) 

9. ecoDa’s News

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It Includes

  1. EP and EC: Sustainable Corporate Governance
  2. EP: Due Diligence and Corporate Accountability – Updates and Studies
  3. EP: Liability of companies for environmental damages – Updates and Studies
  4. Call for action: From Shareholders Primacy to Stakeholder Capitalism: a Policy Agenda for Systems Change (B Lab and The Shareholders Commons
  5. Paper: Shareholder Value in a Burning World (Project Syndicate)
  6. Policy Paper European Green Transparency: Lessons from France and Further Room Improvement (Institut Jacques Delors)
  7. Publication: The 2020 European AGM Season (Morrow Sodali)
  8. Paper: Four ways boards can oversee risk management beyond Covid-19 (EY) 
  9. Global Survey: EY Board Barometer Survey  
  10. ecoDa’s News
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It includes,

  1.  EP: Corporate due diligence and corporate accountability and Sustainable Corporate Governance
  2. EU Ministers: Women on boards
  3. EC Sustainable CG: Response from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School
  4. EP: MEPS quizzed EU financial authorities on the Wirecard case
  5. Paper: What should corporations do? (Project Syndicate)
  6. Report: The Swedish Corporate Governance Board
  7. Event: Corporate Governance for sustainable and competitive European companies
  8. Event: Guberna Directors’ Day
  9. ecoDa’s News
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It included:

  1. EP and EC: Topics related to Corporate Governance discussed this week at the Plenary
  2. EC : Responses to the EC Impact Assessment on sustainable CG
  3. OECD : Developing sustainable finance definitions and taxonomies
  4. Paper: Slow progress on gender diversity in boardroom (Minerva Analytics)
  5. Paper: FRC revamps UK Stewardship Code with new report obligation (Minerva Analytics)
  6. Survey: IFA/ Governance at the time of the Covid-19 crisis
  7. Report: CGLytics DAX Report
  8. Event: Global Responsibility of Global Enterprises
  9. MEPs – Blackrock case
  10. ecoDa’s news
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It includes:

  1.  EP: Hearings of Commissioner-designate Mairead McGuinness
  2. EC: Members of the Platform on Sustainable Finance revealed
  3. EBA: 2021 Working Programme
  4. EC: Report on Common Shareholding in Europe
  5. IFRS Consultation Paper on Sustainability Reporting
  6. Article: Milton Friedman’s shareholder doctrine is dead
  7. Report: OECD – Sustainable and Resilient Finance
  8. Webinar Recording: Disruption and Purpose – the role of business in society
  9. ecoDa’s news
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It includes:

  1. EP: Corporate Governance topics discussed
  2. . EC: Action Plan to boost the European Union’s Capital Markets Union
  3. EC: A new Digital Finance Package
  4. . ESMA: Proposals to help prevent and detect withholding tax reclaim schemes
  5. EP: New subcommittee on tax matters
  6. Germany: Finance Minister endorses country-by-country reporting of MNE tax information
  7. ECGI Working Paper: Corporations, Directors’ Duties and Public/Private Divide
  8. Papers: A Resilience Framework for Catastrophe Risks
  9. Report: The annual Female FTSE Board Report
  10. Report: Risks in 2021
  11. . ecoDa’s news
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It includes:

  1. EP: Draft Report on Corporate due diligence and corporate accountability
  2. 25th European Corporate Governance Conference: White paper tr
  3. EBA: Calls on the EC to establish a single rulebook on fighting money laundering and terrorist financing
  4. SMEunited: SME test should be reviewed
  5. CEOs urging the European Commission to set higher 2030 emissions reduction targets US: Investors group urges
  6. SEC to reopen proxy rules comment period
  7. Event: EBF High-level public dialogue: European Banking beyond the pandemic
  8. Event: European Commission High-level conference on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing
  9. ecoDa’s News
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It includes:

  1. EP: Ongoing debates on Corporate Governance topics
  2. European Commission Reshuffle (Cicero note)
  3. EBA: Consultation to revise its Guidelines on internal governance
  4. EFRAG: Appoints members and Chair for the European Lab Project Task Force
  5. Report: What is needed for progress towards comprehensive corporate reporting
  6. Report from Institut Montaigne: Responsible Capitalism: An Opportunity for Europe
  7. Report: From policy to practice: Testing the EU Taxonomy
  8. Report: ecoDa & Mazars joint publication “Times to put sustainability at the heart of business”
  9. Event: 26th European Corporate Governance Conference
  10. Event: Global Supply Chains – Global Responsibility Conference
  11. ecoDa’s News




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