20 Aprile 2021
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FEEM Webinar | Reshaping the scores: what happens when an ESG rating changes its scoring methodology?

20 Aprile 2021 ore 17:30

Stakeholders’ attention towards the relationship between firms’ financial performance and their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance is progressively increasing, leading analysts and operators to rely always more on ESG rating providers. However, as time passes by and firms and financial markets develop, significant changes occur to data providers as well. Recently, a key rater has rewritten its ESG ratings, generating important and retroactive implications for researchers and investment professionals. For this reason, Florian Berg, Kornelia Fabisik and Zacharias Sautner in the research article “Rewriting History Il: The (Un)Predictable Past of ESG Ratings” attempted to measure the impact of such changes on tests that connect ESG ratings to stock returns. The webinar aims to provide an in-depth commentary of the article, offering the stakeholders valuable insights to interpret ESG data and related research outcomes. Speaker: Kornelia Fabisik, Assistant Professor, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Discussant: Simone Chelini, Head of ESG and Strategic Activism, Fideuram-lSPB Asset Management SGR
Presenter: Riccardo Christopher Spani, Researcher, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei

This webinar is part of the FEEM/DeRisk-CO project, which aims at stimulating a debate on the importance of assessing and disclosing climate-related risks and opportunities and their impact on financial performance, with a particular focus on Italian businesses.

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