ecoDa – EU Alert – Week 6

It Includes:

  • EC: Summary Report of the Consultation on the Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy
  • EC: Study on equity funding in the EU 
  • EC: Consultation on environmental crime 
  • ESMA: Calls for legislative action on ESG ratings
  • EP: Measures to protect investors and cut red tape for firms
  • Discussion with Colin Mayer: The future of stakeholderism post covid
  • Report: Corporate Governance for sustainability 
  • The launch of the International Federation of Family Offices
  • Black Rock: Climate change as a front and center strategic matter
  • Sweden: Report on Corporate Governance and Short-termism
  • Event: The governance of technology


ecoDa – EU Alert – Week 5

It includes:

  • EC: Evaluation of the audit framework
  • EC: McGuinness’ opening remarks at the ECON Committee structured dialogue 
  • EC: Request to ESAs for technical advice on digital finance
  • Report: Fraud: recommendations to strenghten the financial reporting ecosystem (Accountancy Europe)
  • Summary report: ecoDa-Mazars’s Joint Event “Sustainable Corporate Governance for long-term business success”
  • Article: US Corporate Boards suffer from inadequate expertise in financially material ESG matters 
  • Podcast: How boards should prepare for the rising cybersecurity threat (McKinsey & Company)
  • UK: Directors face new liability demands under major audit reform