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10 October 2022: Corporate Governance: A booster for innovation?

Promoting a more standardised and global approach of governance practices is it the right to support innovation in European companies? How companies can have a different development path if regulators and investors are overly focusing on enforcing hard regulations and standard practices?
This webinar will be moderated by Michael Hilb.
The panel will be composed of Chris Hodge, Gatis Kokins, Annalisa Gigante and Abigail Levrau.
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27 October 2022: Corporate reporting: Internal control 2.0 as the way forward? In cooperation with PwC

The subject of internal control is becoming more predominant in current debates, whether it concerns reflection on corporate reporting, ESRS standards or audit reform debates at national level like in the UK and in the Netherlands. What is meant by internal control? What is the role of internal control for ESG? What lessons from Sarbanes Oxley?
This webinar will be moderated by Rogier Wezenbeek.
The panel will be composed of Rachel Bowden, Maurizio Donvito, Stephen Licence and Anne-Hélène Monsellato.

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The European Board Diploma 2022

Gentili Associati,

vi segnaliamo il programma di formazione “The European Board Diploma” organizzato da ecoDa, insieme ad alcuni partners tra cui Nedcommunity, che inizierà il 20 Ottobre 2022.
Il corso consta di 4 appuntamenti, 3 obbligatori (20, 21 e 28 Ottobre) e 1 opzionale (7, 18 e 25 Novemebre).

Tra gli speakers parteciperanno anche due dei nostri Associati, Michele Siri e Livia Piermattei, i cui intereventi sono:

20 October 2022 – 11:00: Pillar 2 European Diversity in Corporate Governance
Tailor-made Corporate Governance starts by an understanding of the different Corporate Governance models.
Insights on key features of national Corporate Governance models in Europe, Roger Barker,
Director of Policy and Governance, Institute of Directors, Gudrun Timm, Partner and Director, Carpe Diem International, Michele Siri, Professor of business law at the University of Genoa (Italy) and director of the
Genoa Centre for Law and Finance, Lena Henningsson, Director, StableTable Scandinavia AB
Chairman, Lund University School of Economics and Management

20 October 2022 – 15:55 Case study 1: Credible action on sustainability as lever for business success (With Embedding project and Livia Piermattei, Board Member, Board Advisor for a Sustainable Performance, Amundi SGR spa) – Examining effective board oversight of credible sustainability performance

In allegato troverete tutta la documentazione relativa al corso.

ecoDa – EU Alerts 32

It Includes:


  • Council: Compromise proposal on the CSDD by the Presidency
  • EESC: Opinion on the CSDD Commission proposal


  • BlackRock: 2022 voting spotlight
  • Japan: Regulator published ESG code of conduct (Minerva Analytics)


  • Responses to EFRAG consultation on the first set of draft ESR
  • Accountancy Europe
  • ESMA


  • France: Legal inventory of extra-financial instruments adopted by large companies
  • UK: Further improvement needed under new climate rules
  • Luxembourg: Study on non-executive directors and the concept of independence


EU corporate due diligence proposal: game changer or paper tiger? (European Jacques Delors)

The EU Alert is available for download here.