The European Board Diploma 2023 – Fall Session Electives

Una “full immersion” sui temi della #buonagovernance a livello europeo. 

ecoDa a.s.b.l – The European Confederation of Directors Associations, di cui siamo partner per l’Italia, ha aperto le iscrizioni a tre corsi di approfondimento sui temi dell’ #audit, dello #stakeholders #engagement e del #climatechange .

I nostri associati potranno partecipare, previa iscrizione, ad uno o più dei tre moduli formativi, che si terranno a Bruxelles in lingua inglese.

🗓 data: 20 novembre 2023 
📌 In presenza a Bruxelles 
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🗓 data: 1 dicembre 2023 
📌In presenza a Bruxelles
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🗓data: 8 dicembre 2023 
📌In presenza a Bruxelles 
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E’ un’occasione unica di partecipare di approfondire temi di #governance societaria con una prospettiva europea. I tre moduli fanno parte dell’European Board Diploma.

ecoDa Upcoming Webinars

10 October 2022: Corporate Governance: A booster for innovation?

Promoting a more standardised and global approach of governance practices is it the right to support innovation in European companies? How companies can have a different development path if regulators and investors are overly focusing on enforcing hard regulations and standard practices?
This webinar will be moderated by Michael Hilb.
The panel will be composed of Chris Hodge, Gatis Kokins, Annalisa Gigante and Abigail Levrau.
Please register to confirm your participation via this link:

27 October 2022: Corporate reporting: Internal control 2.0 as the way forward? In cooperation with PwC

The subject of internal control is becoming more predominant in current debates, whether it concerns reflection on corporate reporting, ESRS standards or audit reform debates at national level like in the UK and in the Netherlands. What is meant by internal control? What is the role of internal control for ESG? What lessons from Sarbanes Oxley?
This webinar will be moderated by Rogier Wezenbeek.
The panel will be composed of Rachel Bowden, Maurizio Donvito, Stephen Licence and Anne-Hélène Monsellato.

Please register to confirm your participation via this link:

ecoDa – EU Alerts 32

It Includes:


  • Council: Compromise proposal on the CSDD by the Presidency
  • EESC: Opinion on the CSDD Commission proposal


  • BlackRock: 2022 voting spotlight
  • Japan: Regulator published ESG code of conduct (Minerva Analytics)


  • Responses to EFRAG consultation on the first set of draft ESR
  • Accountancy Europe
  • ESMA


  • France: Legal inventory of extra-financial instruments adopted by large companies
  • UK: Further improvement needed under new climate rules
  • Luxembourg: Study on non-executive directors and the concept of independence


EU corporate due diligence proposal: game changer or paper tiger? (European Jacques Delors)

The EU Alert is available for download here.

ecoDa – EU Alerts 27

It Includes:

EU Taxonomy: The Complementary Delegated Act approved
EC: Reports to improve the quality of financial advice and direct SMEs to alternative funding providers

OECD: Climate change and corporate governance
OECD: Remuneration of boards of directors and executive management in state-owned enterprises
US: Shareholders back away from green petitions in US proxy voting season (Financial Times)

UK: The influence of the UK Stewardship Code 2020 on practice and reporting (FRC)

France: Launch of the “Business Climate Convention Academy” (Novethic)

The proposed CSDD won’t end our societal sustainability stalemate (University of Oxford)

ecoDa News

  • 5th of July: ecoDa’s team meet DG GROW representatives to discuss accompanying measures the European Commission could develop as part of the CSDD;
  • 12th of July: ecoDa’s Task Force on EFRAG consultation meeting;
  • 14th of July: Béatrice Richez-Baum moderating a GNDI Global Conference’s panel on diversity and inclusion.

The EU Alert is available for download here.

ecoDa Spring Board Education Programme

ecoDa is delighted to announce that its European board Education Programme will take place in Brussels on the 24th and 25th of March with the academic partnership of INSEAD. 
This programme has been developed for board members seeking to update their knowledge on recent EU policy developments in the field of corporate governance. In addition to that, these two days represent a unique networking opportunity with board members coming from across Europe. The programme is moderated by Chris Hodge, who established and chaired the European Corporate Governance Code Network.

Per maggiori informazioni e registrarsi CLICCA QUI

Webinar 18 marzo ore 11:00 ecoDa – How to align climate priorities with executive compensation?

Cari Associati,

vi segnaliamo il webinar “How to align climate priorities with executive compensation?” organizzato da ecoDa insieme a Willis Tower Watson, in programma per il 18 marzo alle ore 11:00 – 12:00 CET.

Potete trovare il programma dell’evento nella sezione documenti posta alla fine di questa comunicazione.

Per registrarti CLICCA QUI

EcoDa 37 – Eu Alerts

It Includes:

  • Council: The French presidency’s priorities
  • EP: Tax information sharing must improve significantly
  • ESMA: Report on trends, risks and vulnerabilities
  • TPI publishes fresh scenarios
  • Update on the implementation of the Whistleblowing Directive (Transparency International)
  • Report: Europe’s top 25 banks failing on green pledges
  • Report: Governance trends shaping 2021 (Diligent)
  • Report: SMEs’ digital future (Accountancy Europe)
  • France: Middlenext Corporate Governance Code updated
  • The New Corporation: How “good” corporations are bad for democracy (Harvard Law School Forum on CG)
  • How the benefits of mandatory sustainability reporting by business do outweigh the costs (Frank Bold)
  • The promise of stakeholder capitalism: illusory or real?
  • EC: EU Sustainable Investment Summit
  • Sustainable Corporate Governance

ecoDa’s NEWS

  • LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER: 28th of September: As part of the European SME Week, ecoDa will organise an event, under the patronnage and with the participation of DG GROW, on “Underpinning entrepreneurship and resilience: Key governance challenges for unlisted companies“.  
  • SAVE THE DATE: 9th of November: European Corporate Governance Conference accompanying event to the Slovenian presidency, Beyond Traditional Corporate Governance – SUSTAINABILITY & INNOVATION. Organised by the Slovenian Directors’ Association, EY and ecoDa. More information to come.
  • ecoDa’s Educational Videos: Collective Actions. ecoDa, AIG and Crowell&Moring have jointly produced a short video to explain the concept of collective actions and its role in the EU, while also to shed light on the collective redress directive and the impact on businesses, boards and Officers Insurance.
  • 21nd of September: ecoDa’s board meeting;
  • 22nd of September: ecoDa’s board members will meet Commissioner Reynders to discuss the EC Sustainable Corporate Governance initiative.

The EU Alert is available for download here.