Save the Date: 23/11/2021 Webinar – Goldman Sachs Seventh Annual EMEA Non-Executive Directors

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Goldman Sachs invites you to save the date for our Seventh Annual EMEA Non-Executive Directors Event, an exclusive gathering dedicated to Pan-European Chairs and Senior Directors.

The event will be held on Tuesday 23 November, and will be a unique opportunity to hear views from renowned Goldman Sachs experts on the topics of macroeconomic trends, commodities, mergers & acquisitions, sustainability, as well as to compare notes on the strategic priorities of Boards and opportunities in the prevailing environment. The event will be followed by a networking reception and dinner.

We aim to host the conference in-person at our London office, whilst also offering virtual access for those attending remotely. Depending on specific government guidance at the time of the event, we will have a full contingency plan in place for the event to run as a virtual conference.

The health and safety of our guests is our top priority – as such, Goldman Sachs will implement health and safety protocols in line with applicable government guidance at the time of the event. We are continuing to monitor UK government and public health guidelines regarding COVID-19 secure events and we will be in touch with relevant updates as the event nears.

Il Comitato Controllo e Rischi riscrive la sua agenda: un nuovo equilibrio tra strategia e compliance”

La pubblicazione del nuovo position paper di Nedcommunity “Il Comitato Controllo e Rischi: ruolo, funzioni e agenda per un’efficace governance” (maggio 2021) è un’opportunità per fare il punto sulla risk governance e il coordinamento tra più soggetti, mentre aumentano gli obblighi normativi, la complessità degli scenari e le aspettative del mercato.

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Webinar – Board Diversity beyond Gender Quotas: Italian and International Perspective’

After Norway, Italy has, since 2011, been at the forefront worldwide, by introducing mandatory gender quotas under penalty of dissolution of boards of directors. Since 2020 mandatory gender quotas have even been raised up to 40% of directors and members of supervisory boards for Italian-listed companies (from 33%). However, diversity should not be limited to gender only; consideration of different kinds of diversity (professional background, socio-economic class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, minority representation, etc.) has been increasing worldwide through hard or soft law, or simply because of pressure from investors.

What is the justification for requiring diversity? Does diversity increase shareholder value, or not ? What are the developments in Canada, US and UK? How important is diversity for investors?

Are Italian boards really diverse, and if so, in what way? Please join this webinar organised by Nedcommunity Reflection Group “3D”.

Webinar – Interview with Butch Bacani, Programme Leader at the UN Environment Programme’s Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative

Chapter Zero Italy invites you to an Interview with Butch Bacani, Programme Leader at the UN Environment Programme’s Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative, on October 4 at 5pm.

Launched in July 2021, the UN-convened Net-Zero Insurance Alliance brings together eight of the world’s leading insurers and reinsurers to play their part in accelerating the transition to a net-zero economy by individually committing to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in their underwriting portfolios by 2050.

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Webinar – 15/07/2021 – Board and sustainable success, a new leadership model for the director

It is with great pleasure that Nedcommunity – the Italian Association of Non-Executive and Independent Directors – invites you to a webinar to present the Handbook “Board and sustainable success – A new leadership model for the director” of which are co-authors Livia Piermattei and Paola Schwizer.
The handbook presents, organizes and integrates the contributions collected through the work of Nedcommunity Reflection Group “Board and sustainable business: a new leadership model” that kicked-off in 2016 and has involved over the years 50 board directors members of Nedcommunity; regulators; company representatives, investors and other relevant stakeholders to reflect on the Why, How, What of a new leadership model for Board members that should promote the integration of ESG into strategy and business models.


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Due Punti sulla Buona Governance: Incontro con Andrea Sironi

Appuntamento il 21 Giugno ore 12:30/13:30

Maria Pierdicchi, presidente di Nedcommunity, intervista Andrea Sironi, professore di Economia degli Intermediari
Finanziari presso l’Università Bocconi di Milano, dove ricopre anche il ruolo di Vice Presidente.

Oltre a questi incarichi Andrea Sironi dal 2016 è Presidente di Borsa Italiana e da aprile 2021 è presidente della Fondazione
AIRC per la ricerca sul cancro e dicembre 2019 è membro del CdA del Gruppo Intesa SanPaolo.

Il pubblico potrà intervenire nella sezione Q&A alla fine dell’intervista.

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Webinar – 19/07/2021 – “ESG, Finanza Sostenibile e Banche in Italia: Stato dell’Arte e Prospettive

Introduzione – La crescente rilevanza di ESG nel settore Bancario
Maria Pierdicchi – Presidente Nedcommunity

Presentazione dei risultati della ricerca “ESG Sostenibilità e Banche, Stato dell’Arte e Prospettive Future”
Marco Giorgino – Professore Ordinario Financial Markets and Institutions – Politecnico di Milano e Associato Nedcommunity

ESG tra nuove regole, preferenze degli investitori e trasformazioni dei business models
Panel di discussione a cura di
Alessandro Carretta – Professore Ordinario di Economia degli intermediari finanziari nell’Università di Roma Tor Vergata e Consigliere Direttivo Nedcommunity

Paolo Ciocca – Commissario Consob
Alexia Giugni – Country Head Italy at DWS Group
Andrea Munari – Presidente BNL, Gruppo BNP Paribas
Pier Carlo Padoan – Presidente UniCredit


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Webinar – CGI Russia – Board challenges in tackling climate change in Emerging Markets

The Climate Governance Initiative (CGI) Russia in partnership with general partner – Sberbank, London Stock Exchange, Chapter Zero Brazil and Chapter Zero Italy is delighted to invite board members, asset managers, chairs and members of audit and risk committees  to take part in the panel discussion “Board challenges in tackling climate change in Emerging Markets” on June, 9 2021 at 3 pm Moscow.

Emerging Market economies continue to take significant strides to establish good corporate governance practices, and have shown improvements in the areas of board independence and long-term stewardship of companies.

Climate change has introduced new challenges for all boards, but presents added complexities for the boards of companies in Emerging Markets.
Once again business resilience is under threat and boards are being challenged to own the business response.

Join our panel to explore how to embed climate considerations into board decision-making and act upon the risks and opportunities that the climate emergency poses to the business success of their companies.

The content of the panel is curated to be relevant to boards of directors enabling them to act upon the risks and opportunities that the climate emergency poses to the long-term resilience and business success of their companies.


Ayuna Nechaeva, Head of Europe, London Stock Exchange (UK)


Silvio Dulinsky
Head of Business Engagement, Latin America, World Economic Forum

Alexander Vedyakhin
First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank (Russia)

Benedikt Sobotka
CEO, Eurasian Resources Group (Kazakhstan, Africa, Brazil)

Silvia Stefini
Non-Executive Independent Director, Italgas and Falck Renewables, Steering Committee Chapter                     Zero Italy (Italy)

Tarcila Ursini
Independent Board Member, Grupo Korin and Independent Board Member, Sustainability and People Committees, Agrogalaxy SA (Brazil)

Fan Fu
President, CEO, China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd. (China)


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Webinar – 15/06/2021 – La Nuova Disciplina delle Operazioni con Parti Correlate

Guido Ferrarini, Presidente Comitato Scientifico di Nedcommunity – Università degli studi di Genova

Luigi Arturo Bianchi, Università Bocconi

Il Quadro Europeo e Comparato
Luca Enriques, Membro del Comitato Scientifico Nedcommunity – University of Oxford,

La Novità della Disciplina Italiana
Marco Ventoruzzo, Membro del Comitato Scientifico Nedcommunity – Università Bocconi

Profili di Analisi Economica del Diritto
Alessio Pacces, Membro del Comitato Scientifico Nedcommunity – University of Amsterdam

Il Punto di Vista dell’Autorità di Controllo
Sara Nocella, Ufficio Controlli Societari e Tutela dei Diritti dei Soci- Divisione Corporate Governance – Consob

Il Punto di Vista degli Operatori
Romina Guglielmetti, Membro del Consiglio Direttivo di Nedcommunity – Studio Legale Associato Guglielmetti


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